Hr Services


The members can ask questions or raise a point for discussion in this page. we are collabrating with this site.

Publishing Services

We encourage our members to write books or articles on HR topics so that we can publish books and market / sell. The cost of publication will be divided among the authors / contributors and gains will be shared by the authors.


The members can post classified advertisements without any charges. They can sell or buy any materials/properties/services by advertising.


The members can appeal to the fraternity in case of huge financial requirements due to serious illness like cancer, organ failure etc for them and their relatives. We will collect the contribution from the interested members and will be give it to the needy members. The details of contributors will be published on our website.


The online retailers are allowed to advertise their products/services free of cost on a condition that our members get good discount for buying their product through our website.


The birthday and wedding anniversary greetings of our members will be published in this page.


The members can report deaths of their relatives and other unfortunate members if any so that the news will be published with a photo in this page.