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Workshop on 'GST India with Latest Changes' on the 18 April at Mumbai, 21 April at Hyderabad, 25 April at Delhi & 26 April 2017 at Bangalore.

Workshop on 'GST India with Latest Changes' on the 18 April at Mumbai, 21 April at Hyderabad, 25 April at Delhi & 26 April 2017 at Bangalore.

GST implementation is now a reality. It is going to completely change the taxation process in India.Once implemented, GST will have a deep impact on our economy. New business models Supply chain models will emerge. Place of Taxation will be consumption based.

The tax base will be comprehensive, as virtually all goods and services will be taxable, with minimum exemptions.
GST implementation will unify the country . Indian economy be a common market . It will reduce the cascading effect of tax on the cost of goods and services.

It will impact the Tax Structure, Tax Incidence, Tax Computation, Tax Payment, Compliance, Credit Utilization and Reporting leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system.

The Training program will focus on the way forward and latest notifications as on date.

GST Training in India

Target Audience: Professionals working in the field of

Indirect Tax
Accounts & Finance
Sourcing – SCM
And All those who would like to know All about GST .
Course Outline
Session 1: Overview of Proposed GST – Concept Session

Present & Proposed ( GST ) Indirect System in India
GST Structure / Design – S GST , C GST & IGST
Concept of Destination based Consumption Tax
How the GST System would operate in a Company ?
GST Business Models , Compliance system , Input Tax Credits
Smooth flow of GST Credits , Exporters & GST
Transitory Provisions 
Role of GST Council
Question – Answers
Session 2: Draft – Model GST Law & Important Provisions

GST in India History & Background
Key Changes in Definitions , Tax Liability Provisions , Place of Supply Rules , Time of Supply
Valuations , Compliance Processes – Registration , Returns , Payments and Refunds
Assessments & Audits
Transitional Provisions
Taxation of Specific transactions like Works Contract , Job Works , Inter unit Transfers etc.
GST Tax Invoice & Its Importance
Input Tax Credit
Question – Answers
Session 3: GST Compliance ( Registration , Returns , Payments & Refunds )

Highlights of GST Registration Process
Return Process
Payment Process
Refund Process
Question – Answers
Session 4: Readiness / Implementation of GST System in a Company

Key Areas of GST Readiness – Approach & Time bound Action Plan
Key Business Areas – Sourcing – SCM , Savings on Costs , Marketing , Logistics , Pricing
IT Infrastructure for GST Compliance and GST Credits
GST Education / Training to Inside & External Personnel ( Vendors & Dealers )
GST Internal Department
State wise GST Compliance – Manpower , Training , Accounting and Record Maintenance
Checklist – Date wise targets for GST Implementation Team
The information on these issues are yet to receive from the Governments .
Implementation of GST
Question – Answers

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