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"Creative Business Models" from IIM Bangalore

In business the world over, competition has shifted from product and service features to creative ways in which value is delivered. Firms with almost similar offerings often have radically different fortunes based on how they manage their pricing, how they operate their channels and how they create new value. This program builds an understanding of how emerging upstarts create new business models to compete against larger established firms. It also covers how firms large or small can change their business models to adapt better to their context.

Through the program, participants will develop a deeper appreciation of the major components of business models and how they can interact with each other to create new value for customers. They will learn how to analyse their own business models as well analyse their key competitor’s business models on pricing, channels and value creation. They will initiate creative ways of re-inventing their business models to create unique value and to win new customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Venue : IIMB Campus
Last date for registration: 16 Feb, 18
Start Date : 26 Feb, 18 
End Date : 28 Feb, 18 
Early Bird Discount Date : 05 Feb, 18
(Avail 10% Discount)
Residential Fee(excluding GST) : Rs. 76,000
Residential Early Bird Fee(excluding GST) : Rs. 68,400
Non-Residential Fee(excluding GST) : Rs. 70,000
Non-residential Early Bird Fee(excluding GST) : Rs. 63,000

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