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Higher employee engagement and commitment create

Higher employee engagement and commitment create

How can HR people helps to create higher employee engagement and commitment within organisations, and illustrate their added value?

In these days the challenge for most of  the organisations is how to create high levels of employee engagement and commitment. Decision makers understand the added value of ‘I love my job’ (engagement) and ‘I love my organisation’ (commitment), and these two
combination are good to create the best scenario for both employees and organisations.

A simple symbol for employee engagement

Work to be done

Although the recognition of the enormous added value the two can bring, there’s still some other ways to go before we realise the full commitment and dedication of the employees.

Influencers of employee engagement and commitment

In our research we investigated the influencers of engagement and commitment, and able to realise that the following four employee survey statements have the biggest influence:

  • My manager give me motivation in my work
  • The performance of my team contributes to the success of the organisation
  • I feel that I fit in perfectly at my organisation
  • I feel that I am appreciated enough by my organisation

From our work with other organizations we are able to see that the above mentioned four influencers provide managers, CEOs and managing directors with positive and actionable points that help improve employee engagement and commitment.

HR person have various kind of  tools and knowledge to help in employee engagement and commitment within organisations and also can show the company stakeholders both about

their contribution to business with performance, as well as their added extra value as business partners.

What happens if employees are neither engaged nor committed?

HR added value

By focusing on positive impacts the next two influencers, we believe HR person can help create high employee engagement and commitment in organisations, and improve their added value.

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Employees fit in organisations

The first place that HR can create positive impact is the cultural fit within organisations and that can be achieved in few ways:


Hiring based on cultural fit

The main clear and valuable role for HR person is to focus on creating a very good match in between employees and organisations’ culture, with the basis of such concord beginning in the hiring process. Potential employees should give complement an organisation’s culture and there should be an immediate response from HR person that the employer and organisation’s culture are a match. No matter how much talented perspective employees may be, if there is any doubt about the cultural fit in their mind those prospects shouldn’t be hired.

We should remember skills can be taught, but cultural fit cannot.

Secrets to enhancing employee engagement

Safeguarding culture

Once employees are hired, HR person also has a important role and make sure new employees remain on board by safeguarding organisations’ culture. HR person occupy an unique position in the organisation as they are the mediators between organisations’ directors, stakeholders and the business objectives, and employees. By inhabiting such a position, HR person can make the proper direction and strategy set by directors and stakeholders fits with the culture of an organisation (the employees).  In following so, HR person add extra value by helping organisations to avoid any potential damage rifts that could expose their culture.

Communication of importance

Alongside safeguarding culture, HR person is responsible to ensure the continuous communication of organisations’ importance, and exactly what they stand for. As a mediator and business partner, HR person is perfectly placed to facilitate the continuous

communication by helping to keep organisational importance on the agenda. Not only this is valuable for stakeholders, it also helps maintain employees’ feeling of  attachment with the organization.

Proper Appreciation from the organisation

#HumanResourceManagementinBhubaneshwar person can make sure that employees receive enough appreciation from the organisation for their performance so that they can add further value by:

Memorable performance

HR person need to make sure that outstanding individual employee and team performances are recognized and rewarded by the managers. Sharing regular performance related information is the one place where HR person can elaborate real added importance. Main organisational information should, for motivational and encouraging purposes, be made visible in the organisation and no-one is better person to do this than HR.

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By Biswarup

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