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National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM)6th Annual Greentech HR Conference & Awards 2016 Date : 2016-05-06

6th Annual Greentech HR Conference will be held on 6th & 7th May,2016 at Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai (Near New Mumbai Domestic Airport).

The Programme details are available at www.greentech.org.


Workshop on 'Collect & Prevent Overdue Outstanding Collections ' on the 12 October at Chennai, 26 October at Delhi & 28 October 2017 at Mumbai.

Workshop on 'Collect & Prevent Overdue Outstanding Collections ' on the 12 October at Chennai, 26 October at Delhi & 28 October 2017 at Mumbai.


Today is a turbulent time for business and the economy is in a heightened state of flux. Reaching Business Targets is difficult. Credit thus plays it’s part in achieving higher sales and expanding markets. Unfortunately poor credit management can kill a business. Assessing business risk and prospects, deciding a credit limit and credit period are backbone of credit management. These areas are least understood or controlled by most organisations. This workshop addresses the concerns of an excellent organisation.

Programme Schedule:

Building a Credit Policy:

Fundamentals of Good Credit Management
Principle of Offering Credit,Terms of Payment
Collection Policies and Practices:
Building Credit Policy based on Needs of Market,
Credit Ratings-Will They Pay?
Credit Worthiness
Managing and Controlling Your Receivables/Outstandings:

When is it time to collect? Understand when it’s time for action — and what action to take
How to steer clear of the collection mistakes made most often
Does your company’s credit policy ease or impede collections?
Tools of the trade: Staying organized and in control of your massive workload
Why no business can afford to ignore collections
Power techniques for keeping track of what you’re owed
What you can do to prevent many accounts from becoming past due
The importance of using up-to-date and accurate information
Secrets of Successful Collectors:

Putting yourself in the debtor’s shoes: why people don’t pay
Why you’ll be more effective in collecting if you make it as painless as possible for the debtor
How to stay positive when you’re surrounded by so much negative energy
Keys to establishing a rapport with debtors that help you collect more money fast!
Smart tactics that help you ease the debtor’s defensiveness

For registration /detailed brochure, please visit https://princetonacademy.in/or contact register@princetonacademy.co.in/ manu.khanna@princetonacademy.co.in

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