Sr. Manager - HR & IR

1 year ago

  • 1. Ensure organizational departmental planning are matched with appropriate recruiting & staffing.
    2. Create & manage the following performance management systems : 
    a ) Describing duties, responsibilities, contributions & outcomes needed from a position, required qualifications, contributions & outcomes needed from a position. 
    b ) Select appropriate people with an appropriate selection process. Negotiate requirements & accomplishment - based performance standards, outcomes & measures.
    c ) Conduct periodical performance development discussions. Provide effective orientation, education & training. Provide on-going training & feedback.
    d ) Provide promotional / career development opportunities for staff. Design effective compensation & recognition systems that reward people for their contributions.
    e ) Assist with Exit Interviews to understand & correct , why valued employees leave the organization.
    3. Ensure employment & compliance to regulatory concerns, regarding employees; Employee on-boarding, development needs assessment & training;
    4. Create & manage policy development (like Employee Handbook , Performance Development Plan) & documentation ( Includes, Government & Legally mandated elements, Company policy & practice, Formal & Informal record keeping about employment events)
    5. Facilitate employee relations to maximize employee satisfaction.
    6. Create & Manage facilitations so that trainers, team builders, meeting leaders managers & communicators use it to add content process & structure to meet the needs of an individual, group or team.
    7. Manage the compensation & benefit administrations.
    8. Ensure employee safety, welfare, wellness & health, charitable givings, employee services & counseling.
    9. To develop the human resources department & a superior organization workforce.
    10. To develop an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes appropriate recruitment with continuous improvement, high employee retention & development & high performance.
    11. To ensure the health & safety of the workforce.
    12. Experience in manufacturing companies must. Desired candidate be a graduate from reputed College with PG in HR.


Company name : KB Polychem (India) Ltd

No of vacancies : 1

Position : Senior

Place : Agra

Education Needs : Graduate / Masters Degree

Need Only : Male / Female

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